10 Best Children’s Book Ideas For 2023


Looking for children’s book ideas for your next best-seller? This article has 10 ideas you can turn into literary masterpieces today!

Many people think that writing a children’s book is a piece of cake. Some also say you do not need to be as talented and skilled as authors like Joanne Rowling and William Shakespeare to write something the kids would love.

It is because they think that children’s books do not need complex writing like adults. However, they do not realize that writing for an adult is comparatively easy sometimes because your book is not responsible for shaping an individual’s personality. However, children’s books have the potential of forming a kid’s outlook on life.

Writing a Children’s Book

In many ways, writing a children’s book is as difficult and complex as writing a book for an adult audience. You need to have interesting characters, a compelling storyline, and fine writing skills to execute a good book.

The only difference in working on a children’s book is that the author has to be considerate about what they write and present everything in an appropriate way to grab the young audience.

So, while writing a children’s book, you cannot just have an easygoing attitude and say, “They are just children,” to justify your lack of creativity. As an author, you must understand that children are extremely picky about what they want to read. Many children’s book authors hire professional book editors for this particular reason.

If you plan to write a children’s book, your idea has to be unique and appealing to attract children. Also, it has to be age-appropriate at the same time so the parents do not restrict their children from reading your book.

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Top 10 Ideas for Children’s Books

To help you with what are the most trending children’s books topics of 2023, we have come up with a list. 

Here are some ideas you can consider while writing your next children’s book.

1. Books with Animals

Charlotte’s Web, Winnie The Pooh, Jungle Book, and many others are the perfect example of why children’s books with animals are a huge success. Children like to read about things that are imaginary. They love stories where animals can talk, make friends and go on an epic adventure.

Children like to imagine everything with a magical touch to it. It is why many authors pick an animal as their main character and bring it to life through quality illustrations. Here, your animals can be anything. They can be house pets or have a kingdom of their own.

So, if you want to write a children’s book with animals as your main characters, we suggest you pick animals like a squirrel, a rabbit, a fox, and other animals that are not easily visible in our daily life.

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2. Books about Nature

Nature is a great topic to write about. You get multiple options to work on. For example, a land where all four seasons live in separate areas, and none of them is allowed to enter the other’s territory.

Another idea is to use different elements of seasons like fire, water, ground, and air, and come up with a story where they all live in a co-existing society. In this story, one of them can turn evil and wreak havoc on the elemental kingdom.

This way, you can easily teach the children about nature, how it works and how everything co-exists in our world, and your characters can teach the children about human nature and relationships.

If you want inspiration, you can always read books like, “Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Play Garden,” “Baby Touch: I Love My World,” and “Everything Under the Sun.”

3. Books about the Space

Spaceships, stars, outer space, and different planets will help the children think out of the box. We all remember that one story from our childhood where the main character hops on a rocket and visits other planets on exciting adventures.

Books like, “In the Red” by Christopher Swiedler and “Space Runner” by Jeremy Kraatz are great examples of outer space adventures suitable for kids. 

You need to be careful about writing space children’s books because you cannot use heavy scientific terms unless your target audience is above 10 years. Otherwise, the children will not be able to understand any of the processes and will eventually lose interest in your book.

4. Books with Veggies

Vegetables are a great source to create fun and interesting stories. You can create educational stories highlighting the benefits of vegetables and even use the vegetables as your characters.

For example, one of your stories can be about a potato who is often ridiculed by his fellow vegetables. The potato can set out on an adventure to save a princess carrot. Other vegetables like pumpkin, okra, and beetroot can play its allies.

Children's Book Ideas 1

You can also write a story about a child who never finishes vegetables. One day, all the leftover veggies decide to haunt the kid and make him realize that veggies are important in our diet.

5. Books about Children

Children learn from other children. So why not develop a story where a child goes on an adventure? These stories can be a great source to teach children some new life lessons like building better relationships, never quitting, and more.

The adventure does not have to be something huge, like traveling afar or slaying a dragon. For children, going to the grocery store alone for the first time can be an adventure, or saving an animal from abuse can be an inspiring story.

You can read books like, “Hansel and Gretel,” “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” and “Charlotte’s Web” to get some inspiration.

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6. Stories from the Bible

The Bible is a great book to develop some of the most interesting and inspiring stories with different sets of teachings for children. You can pick different events from the Bible and turn them into stories for children.

7. Books with Imaginary Characters

You can always design imaginary characters and create stories about them. But you must ensure that these characters and stories are understandable for kids. You would not want your characters to be too complex. Otherwise, children will not find them appealing.

8. Books about Electronic Devices

Today’s kids cannot think of spending a single day without technology. Hence, crafting stories about technology like tablets and smartphones will be super entertaining for them to read.

For example, your story can be about devices having a conversation late at night when everyone is asleep and discussing how they get tired all day.

9. Books about Toys

We have all watched and absolutely loved The Toy Story series. It is also a great idea because kids believe their toys are alive. So, reading stories about a world where their favorite toys are alive and have a whole life filled with adventures and everyday problems will surely gain children’s interest.


But keep in mind, this idea will only work for a specific age group below 7 years.

10. Books about the Future

We all look up to the future, and considering that these children are the future, we need to inspire them to build a better one. So, stories about a better and well-developed future will inspire them to achieve big milestones and give them hope that the coming times will improve.

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These are some of the most trending ideas of the year 2023 for children’s books, and we are sure that you can come up with some interesting stories using them.

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Wrapping Up - 10 Best Children’s Book Ideas For 2023

This list of ideas will help you become an ace children’s book writer. All you have to do is come up with creative ways to incorporate these ideas into your books, and you will have children falling in love with your writing.

Just remember, children’s books must carry two basic elements:

  • Entertainment
  • Learning

If your book has these two, it will surely be a hit.

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