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For more than 10 years in the industry, we have enabled thousands of entities: individuals and businesses, celebrities and influencers, sportsmen and impressionist artists to create honorary literature. Today, you can find some of our masterpieces in your neighbourhood bookshops, and coffee hubs, in your home libraries, or wherever you go to read.

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As a company, Hancock Ghostwriters has a strong vision backing whatever we are doing so far in our industry. We want to impact millions of lives globally - and we are doing this everyday by joining hands with writers like you who have magnificent ideas and wish to launch them on grand scales.

Who we are

During the winters of 2012, Hancock ghostwriters began in a small basement in the heart of California. Eversince, there is no looking back. We have grown to a team of 50+ writing aficionados empowering thriving writers in bringing their epic ideas to literary reality.

We started humbly with book coaching and publishing navigation.

It was this one particular self-help non-fiction book that hit the market big and - impacted millions of lives globally and helped us realize we could impact more in coming years. And soon, we took a plunge in ghostwriting complete fiction stories, spicy biographies, romance novels and memoirs.

Do you too have a story that can change lives?

Hancock Ghostwriters can help you forward your narrative to the world.

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What we do

With a passion to help global writers achieve their publishing goals, we work alongside NYT bestsellers, and podcast influencers, organize their thoughts and turn them into solid literature pieces that do more than touch ears and hearts.

While playing our part in the fastest growing community of writers, we have given our clients legs by speeding up their writing and editing processes, building brand voices, and overcoming the time and linguistic challenges.

And like any other agency, we gradually made our way up to the ladder of success. We are now a full-cycle writing and publishing organization that writes, edits, records and turns mere words into engaging ebooks and audios.

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