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At Hancock Ghostwriters, we help self-publishing authors conserve legacy and create history the way they desire. And for that, we offer tailor-made memoir writing services, to give just the right words to your story and help you forward it to the world.

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We help preserve personal legacies

From early times, people have liked talking about and sharing their life experiences. With time the art of telling a life story changed and took the shape of a memoir. We at Hancock believe that every good story needs to be shared.

Our expert memoir writers are skilled in the art of giving life to stories.

They give close attention to your life events, ensuring that each event is described just the way the author wants it to be.

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Why Should You Write a Memoir?

Every person has a different reason for writing a memoir.

Some people want to preserve their legacy and explain their lives to the coming generations. Others do it to share their traumas and heal from their emotional scars. Many individuals capture their struggles to inspire others who might be in a similar situation.

You do not have to be a famous personality to write a memoir. Even a common man can write inspiring books but it has to be written professionally. If you have a story to share with the world, the memoir writing services of Hancock Ghostwriters are for you.

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How Our Memoir Writing Services Work

Hancock Ghostwriters has a three-step process to make sure our memoir ghostwriting services are delivered smoothly to the authors. We listen to the Author: Because a memoir is the story of the author’s life, we find it ideal to talk to the author about the details of the events.

We brainstorm

After receiving all the important details of the memoir, our team of writers sits down and creates an outline for the book.

A writer is assigned
to the task

We designate a specialist memoir ghostwriter to create the masterpiece.

You receive
a draft

As soon as the writer finishes the first chapter, you get a draft. We involve the authors through the writing process to make sure their specific requirements are met.

End-To-End Book Writing And Publishing Services

We write, edit, illustrate, publish, and market books.

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We have successfully finished several projects of various sizes and scopes. Working professionals, business leaders, and small and big organizations are just a few of our clientele. Here are a few books we've created and released on behalf of our clients:

Write Memoirs in Every Form

We have a team of seasoned memoir writers who love crafting appealing personal narrative accounts. They are trained to do justice with all the diverse forms of memoirs. All you have to do is tell us your goal and your target readers and we’ll craft the words the way you had envisioned.

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Personal Memoirs

You can include everything from small anecdotes to life-changing events in a personal memoir. The goal of this memoir is to tell your story to an unfamiliar audience and explain the different choices you made in life.


Confessional Memoirs

As the name suggests, a confessional memoir is written when the authors regret something from their past and want to come clean. Writing this memoir gives you a chance to explain your side of the story.


Legacy Memoirs

A legacy memoir is mostly written for a much more selective audience. You can author this memoir to share your life stories with your family and peers. This book leaves a message for the coming generation.


Professional Memoirs

People who want to tell their success stories to the world write professional memoirs. If you are a business owner who started small but now runs a successful enterprise, you can author this book to inspire the readers.


Portrait Memoirs

These memoirs are more of a storytelling of someone’s life through a third person’s perspective written in detail. It’s written by a peer of someone who has led an extraordinary life.

Why Authors Choose Hancock’s Memoir Writing Services?

Our team of memoir writers is trained and skilled in writing books in diverse genres and styles. They understand the value a memoir carries, and they make sure that your memoir reflects your personality.

To save you from the hassle of finding affordable marketing, publishing and branding service, we offer you a package that includes all the services required, from writing to publishing a book. Our memoir ghostwriting service is geared towards delivering the highest quality of work.

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Discuss Your Story Project With Our Experienced Memoir Writers

Our expert memoir writers offer free consultations to delve into your life narrative. We specialize in crafting captivating memoirs and manuscripts, whether based on factual events or styled like fiction. We'll assist in meticulously organizing and refining your life's journey from inception to a polished, compelling manuscript.

So, count on our expert writers for critical insights and guidance, ensuring your story shines. Benefit from our professional touch to bring your tale to life. Schedule a consultation today and let us help you shape your narrative into an engaging, unforgettable memoir.

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Read What Our Customers Have To Say

Working with Hancock Ghostwriters was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Initially, I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Frequently Asked Questions

A memoir is a genre of writing that focuses on personal memories, experiences, and reflections of the author. It is a narrative account of specific events, people, or periods in the author's life, often highlighting significant moments or themes that shaped their identity or perspective.

While both memoirs and autobiographies recount the author's life experiences, there is a slight difference in their focus. Memoirs typically zoom in on specific events, themes, or relationships, offering a more selective and subjective perspective. Autobiographies, on the other hand, aim to provide a comprehensive and chronological account of the author's entire life.

Choosing a topic for your memoir can be a deeply personal decision. Consider moments, relationships, challenges, or transformations in your life that had a significant impact on you. Reflect on experiences that are emotionally resonant, unique, or offer valuable insights that others can relate to. It's essential to select a topic that you're passionate about and comfortable exploring in-depth.

It can take a memoir writing service around 2-3 months to write a 300-page memoir. Most of these services have multiple writers working on a single memoir to complete it on a tight deadline. The project manager ensures there’s narrative consistency.

You may have lived a great life and might have extremely compelling stories to tell. However, capturing stories in words is an art that requires a special set of skills. With your life story and our writing prowess, we create a memoir that will make headlines on reading forums.

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