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Book Publishing Made Easy

Self-publishing a book is much more than uploading a Word file on platforms like Amazon KDP and Smashwords. It’s a complex process that requires a certain level of expertise. Teaming up with Hancock Ghostwriters means you work with authors that know how to effectively utilize these platforms and transform your book into an overnight success.

We provide consultation to authors on how to effectively publish their books on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Lulu and other popular platforms. Our experts not only make the publishing process extremely easy – they help increase your book’s visibility on these platforms.

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Work With Self-Publishing Experts

Hancock Ghostwriters delivers end-to-end book publishing services. We help you professionally design, publish and promote books on the platform of your choosing. It’s our goal to make life easy for aspiring authors.

Our professionals have the industry knowledge and experience to help you effectively navigate the publishing process. We coordinate with the support team of publishing websites and design dedicated promotional strategies to increase your conversions on these platforms.

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End-To-End Book Writing And Publishing Services

We write, edit, illustrate, publish, and market books.

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We have successfully finished several projects of various sizes and scopes. Working professionals, business leaders, and small and big organizations are just a few of our clientele. Here are a few books we've created and released on behalf of our clients:

Why Choose Hancock Ghostwriters

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Fast Book
Publishing Service

Fix spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in the text.

Professional Book

Shape your draft into a book with a professional format.

Quality Customer

Improve the text of the book with better words and phrases.

A Decade Of Publishing Experience

Hancock Ghostwriters has been around for more than a decade. During this time, we have assisted numerous writers in becoming best-selling authors on platforms like Amazon. We provide industry-specific expertise to writers in different genres.

Having us as publishing partners means you get access to individuals who know the ins and outs of different digital platforms. Simply send us the manuscript and we will make sure your book reaches its target audience.

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Let’s Get Your Book Published

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We have met super-talented authors who had been sitting on their manuscripts for months because they doubted their work would attract or resonate with readers. When you are with Hancock Ghostwriters, we make sure you walk through the publishing process more confidently.

Together, we can get your books out in the world, make headlines and impact in the reading circles!

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A Complete Solution to Book Writing And Designing Service

That Helps You Increase Readers’ Interest & Your Popularity

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Read What Our Customers Have To Say

Working with Hancock Ghostwriters was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Initially, I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-publishing a book allows authors to retain complete control of publishing costs, creative decisions and royalty profits. There are multiple online platforms that allow writers to become self-published authors.

Whether you’re new to book writing or a professional author –hiring a professional service gives you access to expertise on different publishing platforms. Individuals with industry experience can help you achieve publishing goals on forums like Barnes & Noble, Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Lulu.

Yes. You will have all the rights to your book while hiring our book publishing services. Hancock Ghostwriters does not take credit for the book or charge any royalties.

It’s hard to estimate the publishing cost of a book because it involves a lot of factors. If you work with experts to get consultation and assistance in book publishing, the cost will be minimal. However, getting professionals to design a cover, edit the content and shape the book format will naturally increase the price.

Self-published eBook authors can choose between two royalty options; 35% or 70%. The Kindle direct publishing platform also deducts delivery costs, sales tax and value-added tax.

Traditional publishers on average accept only two manuscripts out of every hundred they receive. In contrast, self-publishing platforms allow all aspiring authors to sell their books. But simply uploading books on these platforms don’t guarantee any sales unless the authors create a dedicated publishing strategy.

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